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Croatian students shared the beauties of their countries through Tackk and videos, which Marijana and Marcia have embedded to this page.


 Silvija has created a Tackk about Croatia capital city, Zagreb. Scroll down to see it.



Petar has made a video about their town, Ogulin


Marija has written a text and shared beautiful photos of their home town, Ogulin.

In the center of Ogulin there is a big new park with St. Cross church in the middle. Before, it was full of big old trees but a couple of years ago they put new benches and they planted new trees so it looks more beautiful now. In the park there is also wellhead Cesarovac. One of the Ogulin's legend is connected with Cesarovac. It says that if a women drinks water from it, she's going to stay forever young, and if a man drinks from it, he will marry a women from Ogulin. :)
Also, in the center of Ogulin, there is a Frankopan's tower which was built at the end of 15. century. It was used as a  defence against the Turks and today there is a museum inside it.
Next to Frankopan's tower there is a Đula's chasm (chasm of river Dobra). It got it's name from a legend which said that a young women called Đula (Zulejka) throw herself in the chasm after the man that she was suppose to marry got killed in a battle. Also, if you look closely you can se the cliff in the chasm that looks like a man's face.
Above Ogulin there is a mountain Klek. According to the legend (I know...another legend ;) ) it is a giant (princ Marko/Slavic god - it depends what legend you read - there are different names for him) that fell and got turned into a rock.
There are couple more places to visit in Ogulin, like lake Sabljaci, Ivana's house of fairytales (she is a famous Croatian writer from Ogulin), Shmit's lake, etc.


Leon and Luka have written about Rijeka and shared a video.

We would like to make you familiar with our beautiful city on Adriatic coast called Rijeka or Fiume on Italian.It can be literally translated to English by "river".
Rijeka is situated in Kvarner Gulf and has superior connections with italian coast and serves as a main city port of whole Croatia. It has approximately 200,000 citizens. It was very important economical and cultural centre of littoral part of our current and ex country.
Currently the city has turned its main focus on tourism because of its great historical culture which dates from Roman empire thru Austro-Hungarian union as only port of that gigantic middle Europan empire.Of big importance are Naval academy,Korzo square, Governors Palace and train station from the 19th century.

Some interesting facts about Rijeka:

1. First torpedo in the world was designed and tested in Rijeka
2. It was nominated by American president Woodrow Wilson to be the capital city of League of nations, forerunner of today UN
3. It was an independent city state from 1920 to 1924 called Stato libero di Fiume.
We hope you have enjoyed our short description of our  favourite city in Croatia.


This is a short presentation on slideshare about the PLitvice lakes, made by Klara.

It fits perfectly with a 2Cellos performace shot at Plitvice lakes.


Read about Croatia's 20 most beautiful places here.

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