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Page history last edited by MarijanaS 6 years, 2 months ago

Everything started about two months ago when I recived Juliana Lima as my partner in Brazil-Croatia project. We began to correspond and we have learned about each other a lot of interesting things, but also that we have a lot in common.


Juliana lives in Goiania, Brazil. Her mother is Marcia. She has an English school and she teaches there. That's one of the reasons why Juliana enjoy English so much.

Her father is Junior and he's an engineer. She also has a brother, Eduardo. He is 17 and he studies at university to become an engineering as their father. Juliana is in the 9th grade of Elementary School. She was thought to became a doctor, but problem is that she hates blood! Now she wants to become an architect so she'll try to enjoy maths, at least a little bit. Her hobby is photographing. She really like photographing nature but prefer taking photos of people. She also enjoy traveling. In her free time, Juliana like to hang out with her friends. They are Rayane, Fernanda, Maria Luisa and another Fernanda but only Rayane studies with her. We also talked a lot about The World Cup and commented matches Brazil and Croatia had.

I really had great time chating with Juliana and I think she is a great person, nice and friendly. I feel like i know her in person and not just online. We both hope we would meet some day face to face, or at least continue our friendship online.

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